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About the toolkit

Last updated: 27 July 2010

The Mentor Register framework

The Live Local Register should contain the following data/columns:

  1. Name of Mentor
  2. PIN number
  3. Ward/Dept
  4. Current Registration Status
  5. Year obtained
  6. Teaching and assessing qualifications
  7.  Date obtained
  8.  Institute awarded by
  9. Dates of annual updated
  10. Sign off status
  11. Triennial review date due
  12. Triennial review date completed
  13. Date mapping achieved
  14. Date entry updated

The Excel sheet provided has each of these columns so it is simply a case of transferring your data to this framework and agreeing a process to keep this regularly reviewed and updated.

A Mentor mapping document

Mentors are required to map themselves against the 8 domains in the standard.  The philosophy behind this document is that your mentors are up to date and able to fulfil the role.  If you agree with this then you just need to adapt this document by adding you own logo.

Staff will need to read each domain and sign to say they have achieved this (a process akin to the self verification process used by the NMC when staff re register) so it should not be too onerous.

Once complete an ‘active status’ can be applied to this mentor on the register

The portfolio

Mentors are required to keep evidence against the 8 domains in the standard.  This simple framework provides the criteria and prompts for staff to keep the necessary evidence in preparation for their triennial review. 

This will need to be stored at work as student names will be within this.  Sign off mentors will need to be observed and keep additional evidence of this

Again you just need to add your logo and brief the staff regarding your expectations

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