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Last updated: 16 December 2014


Health Education East of England (HEEoE) the  former Multi-Professional Deanery has a strong commitment to helping all doctors reach their full potential and to helping those with child-caring or other responsibilities or health problems, to continue training.

HEEoE fully endorses the principles set out in the NHS Employers document ‘Doctors in Flexible Training: Principles underpinning the new arrangements for flexible training’.

Any trainee in a substantive HEEoE approved post can apply for less than full time training and if they meet the eligibility criteria this will be accommodated as soon as practically possible.


Trainees of either sex can apply for less than full time training, but must have well founded reasons why full time training is impractical.

There are two eligibility categories:

Category 1

Doctors in training with:

  • Disability 
  • Ill health
  • Responsibility for caring for children 
  • Responsibility for caring for ill/disabled partner, relative or other dependant

Category 2

Doctors in training with:

  • Unique opportunities for personal/professional development (eg national/international sport commitment) 
  • Religious commitment – training for a role requiring a specific time commitment 
  • Short term extraordinary professional responsibility (eg national committee)

The needs of trainees in category 1 will always take priority. Applications in category 2 may be considered but permission will depend on the capacity of the specific training programme and availability of resources.

Process of Application

Please refer to the LTFT Policy and FAQs for the detail of options for Less Than Full Time Training and requirements for training approval.

The process of application is detailed in the Flow Chart.

In the first instance trainees should complete the Application and Eligibility Form.

Once eligibility is confirmed, trainees will be asked to complete the Less Than Full Time Training Plan. This will require renewal with each change of placement and/or annually.


Please direct all enquiries to: LTFT enquiries  
Deputy Postgraduate Dean with responsibility for LTFT: Dr Alys Burns

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